What Do Orthodontists Do?

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Orthodontists work to correct crooked teeth. They use tools like braces and Invisalign to do this. You may understand what to expect when you go in for an orthodontist appointment, from getting mods of your teeth made to getting braces adjusted to retainers fitted. But what kinds of things does the orthodontist do when you’re not in the chair? They see many patients throughout the day and engage in other activities, too.

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In this video, you will learn everything an orthodontist does and get to see a snippet of their day-to-day lives.

The orthodontist in the video will talk about a typical day. He discusses how he will perform 30 to 40 braces adjustments per day. He shares how he talks to the patients to get them comfortable. When someone gets braces for the first time, he stresses the importance of pictures. He also shares when the assistant can take over and when it’s necessary to do things himself.


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