The Best Way to Choose a Local Orthodontist

Finding a new local orthodontist to go to for your dental care needs is a big step. There is often a lot to consider and it can all get very confusing very quickly. When choosing a new dentist, consider the key factors highlighted in this informative video. No matter what dental needs you are seeking help with, a local dental care team can help you get the right treatments for your needs.

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When you are seeking a local orthodontist for you or your family, here is what you should focus on first and foremost:

  1. Digital X-rays: These are crucial as they emit significantly less radiation and produce much higher quality results. Avoid dentists who do not use digital X-rays.
  2. Intraoral Photography: Ensure your dentist takes detailed images of your teeth. This allows you to see and understand the proposed treatments firsthand.
  3. Comprehensive X-rays: If you’re 6 years old or older, your dentist should offer both panoramic X-rays and detailed X-rays.
  4. Welcoming Environment: A friendly, inviting dental office is important for your comfort and doesn’t necessarily mean higher costs.
  5. Entertainment Options: Look for amenities like Netflix, essential oils, and games, that can help you relax during treatment.

Do not put off getting the dental care that you need. Issues with your teeth and gums can cause issues elsewhere in the body, which is why good dental care is so important. Call your local orthodontist today and schedule an appointment to see what they can do for you!


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