An Intro to Orthodontics

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In this video, you will learn about an orthodontic exam. The video goes into depth about what to expect, how long it takes, and any discomfort. Diagnosis and treatment planning looks a little different than a regular medical diagnosis. It can be viewed in a lot of different ways.

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Five major characteristics can be broken down to diagnose an orthodontics patient. Facial proportions and aesthetics, alignment and symmetry, transverse, anteroposterior, and vertical. These five characteristics drive an orthodontic exam. An orthodontics exam will fit things among one of these five categories. Orthodontics is all about the teeth and the face. An extraoral and intraoral exam are included. Radiograms are also where information is drawn from. Malocclusion is generalized as a bad bite. It is not a disease, it is more so a diversion from a standard bite. You can think about it in the terms of crowding. Crowded teeth is the most common type of malocclusion. It is only known in 5% of people why they have a malocclusion. Other people do not know why they have. Normal bites are rare. Most people have some type of abnormal bite, or a bite that deviates from a normal bite.

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