Dental Market Expected To Grow in Coming Years

Tips for choosing the right dentist

Proper dental care is essential for long-term dental health, so it’s imperative to visit the dentist on a consistent basis. Whether it’s to treat a cavity, to explore a new whitening method, dental implants, or dentures, patients can rest assured in knowing that there are plenty of compassionate dentists across the country. But why should proper dental care be a top priority for people? Well, to prevent gum disease, for starters.

For those who don’t know, gum disease, otherwise known as periodontal disease, is very common among adults 30 years and older. In fact, it’s so common that it affects nearly 47.2% of adults in that age group. Additionally, proper, regular trips to the dentist can help detect early signs of early cancer, which in turn can save lives.

In addition to health reasons, many people seek out dentists for cosmetic purposes. A recent AACD survey found that the majority of adults believe that a healthy, bright smile is socially important. Because of this, teeth whitening products have boomed in popularity, as have orthodontic procedures like braces. Dental implants and dentures are other things that have grown in popularity in recent years. In fact, dental implants have grown in popularity so much that nearly three million people actually have dental implants today and another 500,000 will get dental implants each year. With numbers like these, it?s unsurprising that the dental industry is expected to grow to $27.95 billion by 2024.

Dentures are also another popular dental procedure that can give a person the confidence they need to be successful. The procedure itself is typically more popular among older patients, but even younger adults have been known to get dentures of some kind. Then there are braces. Who doesn’t want a straight smile? Fortunately, nowadays crooked teeth don’t necessarily mean a patient will have to have a mouth full of metal. Nowadays there are noninvasive tools like invisalign that gradually straighten teeth over time. It’s important to note, though, that invisalign isn’t for everyone, so it’s imperative to consult a dentist when determining if invisalign is right for you.

With so many options available, no one should ever be without proper dental care.

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