Orthotist Recommended Tips On How To Maintain Your Prosthetic

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Orthotist wausau has made great strides in not only providing great treatment and solutions for patients with functional limitations, but also providing some much needed recommendation on how to maintain a patient’s prosthetics. Some issues may arise along the way when using your prosthetic devices. These problems included those that you may be able to fix yourself and some that will require orthotic services. Making improper adjustment to your prosthetics may break the device or cause it to wear out much faster. While orthotist Wausau will always be here to help anyone in need of major repairs, these tips will help you maintain your device for much longer use.

The first tip is to always report any issues or malfunctions you’re having with your prosthetic before the problem becomes an even bigger concern. It?s always best to seek the help form a professional who understands the devices better and has encountered these issues before with other patients. As mentioned before, you never want to make an issue bigger than it should be by making an improper adjustment to your prosthetics. Orthotist wausau highly recommends that you report any problems you may have immediately so that the issue can be resolved without any setbacks.

Always check your custom orthotics or prosthetic limbs for any loose screws, bolts, any other mechanical part that may come off with wear and tear. Perform regular checks before going to bed at night to make sure that nothing came loose while in regular use. If you need to make any adjustment to a loose screw or bolt on your orthotics make sure you keep and secure all of the part removed in order to put it back together. Always take note of the positions of the removable parts to help maintain the comfort and fit of your prosthetic device.

Last but not least, keep your prosthetic clean by washing it daily as needed. A prosthetic is like a removable part of your body and like every body part it must be kept clean. You?ll definitely want to make sure that the gel liner is kept clean and in tip top shape. Orthotist wausau highly recommends making a daily cleaning of your custom prosthetics a daily routine to achieve optimum functionality and use of the device.

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