Companies That Hire Dentists Can Be the Better Option Than Starting Your Own Practice

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Companies that hire dentists are actively looking for new dentists right now. Dentist job opportunities exist across the country for highly qualified candidates that are just finishing dental school. It can be the opportunity you have been searching for.

So you have finally completed dental school and now it is time to kick off your career, what do you do next? A lot of dentists have visions of finishing dental school, passing their licensing, and opening up their practice, but this may not be the best move as a new dentist.

There is a great need for dental professionals. The dental industry is on the upswing; even the dental hygienist field is growing exponentially with a projected 20% increase in demand from 2016 to 2026. Dentists are in even greater demand. Finding the ideal position right out of school isn’t just possible, it may be easier than you thought. Companies that hire dentists are actively looking for someone like you.

Opening Your Own Practice

If you are like most dentists, then your education has cost you a pretty penny. You likely have loans that must be paid back and other financial obligations that you have to meet. Opening a new practice will be another debt that you will have to assume.

Of course, opening a new practice also is a risk for a new dentist that has not built up a patient base. Between the cost of malpractice insurance, hiring staff, and the additional risk that you will not have any patients for awhile, it is a risk that you may not want to take.

A Better Solution

Companies that hire dentists are offering dentist jobs in Illinois, dentist jobs in Florida, dentist jobs in New Jersey, and everywhere in between. There are dentist openings all over the country. There are clear benefits to taking advantage of having a job right out of school, including:

  • Generating immediate income
  • Gaining experience
  • Networking and beefing up your resume

Dental associate jobs right out of school mean generating income as soon as you are out of school. That can mean starting to pay down your loans and getting on sure financial ground. It can mean not having to put your life on hold like you would if you decided on private practice.

The Experience

One of the single best reasons to work for someone else when you get out of school is to gain the experience and hone your skills. Dental school and practicum give you the foundation, real-world experience teach you everything else.

Experience is especially valuable if you do want to start your own practice someday. Working day to day in practice will help you to gain the experience you need to open your own practice someday.


Accepting a position out of school gives you the opportunity to network with other dentists learn about new techniques and create relationships within your field. It can forge valuable relationships with experienced dentists that will mentor you and help you reach your goals.

The Other Benefits

Just because you are a dentist does not mean you should not worry about employment benefits. If you open your own practice, your employees will look to you for health insurance, paid vacation time and more.

If you work for someone you gain from the benefits that are offered like health insurance and paid time off. Some of these dentist jobs come with a wide range of benefits to sweeten the pot. This is an opportunity for you to do not want to miss out on.

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