8 Distinct Professions That Know All About Being a Dentist

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When you think about which professions know all about being a dentist, you likely think about your general dentist and the professionals they work with in their office. Some of the eight professions on this list of professions that know all about being a dentist will not surprise you, but some of the professions on this list that know all about being a dentist will surprise you. Here are the eight professions that know all about being a dentist.

Family Dentist

A family dentist also known as a general dentist does know all about being a dentist because they are dentists. They have spent years of formal training and provided dental treatments for many people. They also continue their education to ensure that they are evolving their knowledge and skills to keep up with the latest technologies, like providing patients with a digital dental x ray.

A general dentist can provide a wide range of dental care. They are your primary care providers for dental health care. They are experts in how lab services work for dental procedures, they are familiar with all the dental specialties, and understand dental insurance, and more. General dentists know all about being a dentist and what it takes to provide optimum care.


An orthodontist is a dentist that specializes in the treatment of the placement of the teeth and the jaw. They are dentists that have furthered their education. Orthodontists know all about being a dentist. They started their education off like every dentist by going to dental school. However, unlike general dentists, these types of dentists have had years of additional specialty training and certification. One of the most common treatments that an orthodontist provides is braces. In some cases, the orthodontist becomes an Invisalign dentist by going through that certification process.

These specialists provide the treatments that require in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of the mouth, tooth placement, and the various treatments that can correct a wide range of misalignments. They understand every area of the dental industry and how it works. Orthodontists are always furthering their education by taking continuing education classes to keep abreast of the newest treatment technologies to better serve their patients.

Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist is a dentist that has furthered their education to focus on providing cosmetic dentistry services and they know all about being a dentist. The best cosmetic dentistry practice will focus on cosmetic dentistry, but the dentist also does other dental work to improve the health of the patient’s teeth. In most cosmetic dentistry practices, the health of the teeth is always a priority. For example, if a patient wants veneers to improve the shape of the teeth, the dentist will likely recommend that cavities are filled first.

This type of dentist knows all about being a dentist and they know all about the latest dental technologies that can help to improve a smile. They offer a wide range of treatment options to change the shape of teeth, the color of teeth, and even the length of your teeth. To become a cosmetic dentist, you must go to dental school for four years and then typically move on to extra training. These dentists are constantly learning new methods of improving smiles. They work closely with dental laboratories and other dental professionals to deliver great services to their patients.


When you are thinking about professions that know all about being a dentist, you likely do not think about veterinarians. Veterinarians know all about being a dentist because they provide animal dentistry and pet dental care services for their patients. While they do not work on humans, they do the same thing for animals that a general dentist does for their patients. A veterinarian is charged with taking care of animals from head to tail and that includes ensuring their dental health. As a matter of fact, some veterinarians make oral health for animals their specialty.

Veterinarians are often tasked with tooth extractions for animals, tooth cleaning, and other dental care. They are very familiar with the tools that are used in dental practice and how to use them. You may never think of a veterinarian as someone that knows all about being a dentist, but most veterinarians know exactly what it takes to provide dental care. The teeth may be larger on animals, but all the principles are the same when it comes to oral health care. A veterinarian needs to know how to recognize dental problems and how to treat those problems.

They do know everything there is to know about being a dentist because they are in fact, dental experts. They learn about oral biology, structure, and how to provide exceptional oral health care for many animals. Some experts agree that being a veterinarian is harder than being a human doctor because they are required to provide both physical health care and oral health care. They know what dentistry is all about.

Dental School Student

In dental school, a student learns all about being a dentist. They learn all the things they need to know about oral bone health, how to manage oral health problems, and so much more. Dental school students spend about four years completing their studies. They study everything from human biology to psychology to help them prepare to provide oral health care. In dental school, the dental student learns general dentistry. They learn everything they need to know about becoming a dentist including learning the instrumentation, diagnostic tools, and how to manage patient interactions.

Some would say that current dental students are more aware of what is happening in the dental industry than any other professionals because they are learning all the cutting-edge techniques right now. They do not have to relearn how to do something using the latest technology because that is how they learned in the first place.

The dental school student knows about being a dentist according to the ideal of what dentistry should be and how a dentist should act. They are following textbook descriptions of the profession. Dental school students follow every rule of dentistry because their grades depend upon it. They can typically answer any question about what a dentist should do because it is fresh in their minds.

Dental Hygienist

Do you have to go to dental school and become a dentist to learn all about being a dentist? The answer is no. A dental hygienist works side by side with a dentist in the doctors office and provides a wide range of support. Dental hygienists know all about being a dentist because they are paraprofessionals that manage a lot of dental care treatments. In some states, a dental hygienist is certified to do fillings, help with extractions, inject an anesthetic, and much more. They do a big chunk of the work in a dental office.

Dental hygienists provide professional teeth cleaning services to remove tar, plaque, and other buildups. They work hand in hand with the dentist to treat gum disease. They are required to know the biology of oral health, the structure of the teeth, the veinous system in the oral cavity, how to take measurements, and much more. They are the closest thing to being a dentist without actually being a dentist, but they can tell you everything that you want to know about the dental profession. They work closely with dental labs.

Many people confuse the dental hygienist with the dental assistant. The dental assistant is another professional that knows all about being a dentist, but they do not provide the same services as a dental hygienist. For example, a dental assistant may be in charge of managing the dentist’s tools, preparing the exam room, taking x-rays, and setting appointments. They do not interact as much with the dental patients but they do know all there is to know about being a dentist.

Dental Surgeon

A dental surgeon specializes in oral surgery. They are dentists and can provide dental care, but have chosen to specialize in extractions and other oral surgery. Dental surgeons know all about being a dentist. Most dental surgeons start out as general dentists and choose to become specialists in surgery. To become this type of dentist there is additional schooling and training required. They spend a lot of time getting additional education.

This dental professional has a deep knowledge of dental practices and procedures. They understand all the general dentistry treatments and have taken it a step further by learning about surgical procedures. Typically, this is the dentist you see when you have an impacted wisdom tooth, a complex extraction, or you need oral surgery on your jaw or other bones in your mouth.

Dental Insurance Provider

A dental insurance provider has typically never set foot in dental school, yet they know all about being a dentist because they need, to do their job. A dental insurance provider is well versed in dental health care, insurance service coverage, and what type of licensing a dentist needs to have. These professionals work closely with dental offices to process dental health care claims. They understand what role each dental professional plays in providing oral health care.

As a matter of fact, many dental insurance providers are so well versed in the laws and regulations that govern dental health providers that they know the rules better than the providers themselves. A dental insurance provider knows all about being a dentist because they must check the provider’s qualifications before they can approve a claim.

Dental insurance providers learn about being a dentist by reviewing case notes and other dental exam information to be able to determine if a procedure is covered or not. They have to do a deep dive into what the dentist diagnosed the patient with, how the dentist came to that conclusion, and whether the dentist is following standard procedure guidelines. They gather data all day every day about dentists and the treatments they provide.

Bonus Professions

All eight of the professions above know all about being a dentist, and so do dental lab technicians. Dental lab technicians work in a dental lab where things like dentures are created. They work closely with the dentist to ensure that size and color are correct. They use tools that fabricate dental crowns, veneers, and other dental prosthetics.

They may not be experts in treatments and procedures like dentists are, but they do know what it takes to be a dentist. They play an important role in supporting the dentist. For example, a patient needs to have a dental bridge made. The dentist and his assistant will take an “impression” of the patient’s mouth. That impression is used by the lab to create the bridge. The dentist sends the impression to the lab. The lab creates whatever prosthetic is needed and it is sent back to the dentist. The patient returns and the dentist fits the prosthetic. Any minor adjustments to the fit are made by the dentist. Major adjustments are made by the dental lab that created the prosthetic.

There are many professions that know all about being a dentist. Many of the professions that have insider information about being a dentist have that information because they work closely with the dentist. For example, another profession that has a good understanding of being a dentist is the people that manufacture and sell tools to the dentist. A company that creates the tools a dentist uses will know all about being a dentist. They will need to know about being a dentist because they are trying to sell their tools and equipment to a dentist.

Many professions know what it is to be a dentist because either they support the dentistry industry or they work closely with a dentist. Learn more about the professions that know all about being a dentist today.

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