What To Expect When Beginning Invisalign

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If you’re seeking to modify your smile, Invisalign can be a fantastic option when compared to more traditional braces. While Invisalign is less intrusive than metal braces, it can still be a major adjustment to incorporate into your routine. Here’s what you can expect when you’re getting started with your treatment.

Many patients have heard horror stories about how uncomfortable braces are.

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Luckily Invisalign isn’t painful, although you may experience some pressure in your mouth for a few days. You should wear your aligners for 18 hours every day for two weeks, and they should be cleaned daily. This can be accomplished with a toothbrush and some soap, or by soaking your aligners.

While anything new in your mouth will affect your speech, the effect caused by your aligners should be minimal because they are made with extremely thin material. If you want to prevent your aligners from getting stained, remove them before drinking any coffee or tea. Light-colored teas without added sugar will have less of an effect. In general, you should always remove your aligners before you eat or drink anything except water.

It is important not to mix up your aligners. They will be clearly marked on their carrying bags with tray numbers to help you prevent this mistake.

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