Your Guide to Dental Implants


Dental implants are highly beneficial for a number of reasons. The anatomy of a dental implant is made to look like an authentic tooth; thus, having them may look as natural as ever.

The practice of implant dentistry can sometimes be seen in cosmetic dentistry; however, it is often practiced in general dentistry too. They can help patients improve their nutrition, since eating with teeth helps start digestion and allows you to eat more food variety since all your teeth (including implants) are in place.

When we extract our teeth, the jaw tends to weaken and sag. Due to the collapsed bone in the jaw, it makes it hard for the spaces missing the teeth to hold on to an implant. The bone is built up in this case, and an implant is added. Are dental implants real teeth, you might ask? Although they are prosthetic teeth, they are perfect for regular eating and function.


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