When the Business of Being a Dentist Needs Some Help

Dental consultant

First and foremost, a dentist, also known as an oral surgeon, is a healthcare professional who treats clients who present with oral injuries or disease. A dentist diagnoses, treats or prevents these patients, applying years of training and a sense of compassion to alleviate or cure distress while causing as little discomfort as possible.

But a dentist is also a business person. The practice is the dentist’s company. There are expenses and income to monitor, equipment to buy and people to hire, marketing and fee collection to be done, and legal and professional matters to be discussed and pursued.

As a health practitioner and business person, a dentist can expect to make $150,000 year, on average. But many dentists, concentrating on practicing their art and science, miss the opportunities available to them as someone who is essentially running a business.

That is where dental practice consulting comes in. A dental consultant can offer dental practice coaching to the doctor, assist in practice management, and help the doctor see dental practice growth through proper management.

Dental practice consulting professionals know that no two dental practices are the same. Because of that, a dental practice consulting firm is uniquely positioned to provide a customized approach to running a practice.

And each office has a lot to consider. Dental practice consulting firms know that one thing on the horizon is explosive growth. The number of dentists is expected to increase by 21 percent in the period from 2010 to 202, faster than the average for all other occupations, even in healthcare. That means bigger offices with more partners, or more competition. Dental management will become more of an issue.

Using proper coaching services, a dental practice consulting firm can help a dentist reduce the practice’s overhead to the 50 percent level. It stands at approximately 70 percent, on average, today. As a practitioner, a dentist values something that can make an office more efficient, lower costs, but maintain or increase the effectiveness of treatment and the well being of patients. Dental practice consulting can give a dentist something new…peace of mind and less stress.

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