The Whats, Whys and Hows of Tooth Repair

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Cracked teeth are very prevalent today and are one of the third leading causes of tooth loss today. Tooth repair is very important because when a cracked tooth is not treated, the crack may spread and cause tooth decay. A dentist will use a filling to treat the minor fractures of your cracked or broken tooth.

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Here are three reasons why you need toot repair.

Restore Tooth’s Health and Function

When you visit a dentist with a chipped or broken tooth, he or she will help restore the tooth’s function health, and appearance. You need a tooth repair because a broken tooth can be so painful and may result in gum swelling or gum sensitivity. If not treated, the pain may prolong and cause more harm to your tooth.

Avoid Oral Infection

If a broken or chipped tooth is not treated, it may cause oral infection which may lead to tooth loss.

When a tooth chip is left untreated, it may worsen and cause tooth loss which could have been averted by early treatment.

Whenever you have a chipped or broken tooth, visit a dentist and have it checked.


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