Looking for a Job in a Dental Office?

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Dental office manager

Did you know that a dental office could be a great place to work, even if you don’t have dreams of becoming a dentist? Many people think that the only job worth having in a dental office is the one that puts you in charge as either the head Dentist or one of the assistants. However, it takes more than a dentist to make a dental clinic or practice run. If you think you might like to work in a dental office, here are three questions you might ask yourself as you look for a job.

Where should I look on a dental office website to find a job?

When you check a dental office website looking for jobs, the first thing to look for on the homepage is a menu. It will be on either the top of the page, side of the page, or on the bottom. Somewhere on this menu will be an item such as “join our team,” “job opportunities,” or “employment.” Clicking on an item like that should get you a list of oenigns. Some of these websites will give you the option to send your resume even if they do not have any open opportunities. Just make sure to fully follow whatever instructions are on the website.

What kind of dental office jobs are available?

Aside from jobs that require dental schooling, there are two office jobs that are typically needed, the dental office manager, and the receptionist. The receptionist is generally responsible for answering the phones, scheduling visits, managing the front desk, greeting patients, and using the computer to perform tasks. Depending on the practice, a dental office manager is tasked with balancing the books, maintaining staffing levels, ensuring employee satisfaction, training and keeping staff developed, and ensuring that the office is managed efficiently.

What else can I do to find a job at a dental office?

If you have no luck with classified ads, or dental office websites, you can always go talk to someone at the local dentist office to see if they are hiring. You might want to talk to a local dental clinic, training area, or school to see if they have any resources that are available, too. Remember to check websites for job openings, classified ads, and local institutions. If you enjoy customer service, and keeping a business running smoothly, then a dental office job could be a great fit for you.

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