Invisalign vs Braces

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Your teeth play one of the essential roles of indigestion. They are used to masticate, cut, mix and grind food before it enters your belly. But besides that, your teeth’ appearance also reflects how you care for your mouth.
If you love your teeth, proper care for them should be one of your top priorities. Food particles can be removed easily by brushing and using mouthwashes, but the extra effort needs to be done when they grow crooked, and you want them in their proper alignment.

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And in that case, you need teeth aligners.
But there are many things you consider before using teeth aligners —the appearance, the comfort, etc. So when we get to choose, we must opt for the best product.
The Invisalign braces is the best option due to the following factors.
1. Cosmetic or Appearance. Traditional standard braces are metallic, making your teeth look dark and dirty, while Invisalign braces is ceramic and is clear or tooth-colored.
2. Convenience. Standard braces need more frequent appointments with your Orthodontist, while using Invisalign needs less.
3. Cooperation/Compliance. For standard braces, the responsibility relies almost entirely on what the doctor tells the patient, plus keeping all regular appointments. While for Invisalign, the responsibility relies on the patient for driving the treatment from start to finish since they are wearing it.
4. Comfort. Since it is made of ceramics, it will not cause abrasions or scratches on your gums and inner lips.


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