How to Properly Clean Your Braces

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It is so important to keep up with your oral hygiene while wearing braces. There are a few main steps many people forget when cleaning their teeth and and braces. Deep cleaning your teeth three times a week can prevent staining, plaque build up, and tooth decay.

If you have rubber bands on your braces, you should remove them before brushing your teeth. Using an electric tooth brush designed for people with braces can work, but there are also normal tooth brushes with shorter bristles in the middle that wrap around braces for a better clean.

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Brush your teeth with a regular whitening toothpaste in a circle motion making sure you get the inner surface of your teeth, which is a commonly missed area. Flossing is crucial with or without braces, but you have to make sure to get around the brackets as well when you wear braces.

Rinse your mouth out with an antibacterial mouth wash once you’re done brushing and flossing. Braces wax can be used to eliminate any pain and discomfort caused from the brackets rubbing against the sensitive skin in their mouth. You can also buy a braces cleaner specifically can also provide a better clean, but is not necessary.


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