How To Help Your Child Love Going To The Dentist

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As you might know from your own childhood, the dentist is not a child’s favorite place. But that does not have to be the case for your child. You know the importance of preventative dentistry, so it helps if your child is looking forward to their appointments rather than dreading them. To get your child to enjoy going to the dentist, try out the following tricks.

  1. Choose the right dentist. The best step you can take to help your child learn to love the dentist, is to pick the right family dentist. Choose an office with a comfortable and welcoming environment, and prioritize those with kid-friendly aspects. An office that takes a holistic dentistry approach will be a healthy place for your child.
  2. Use positive language. Even if your dentist offers painless dentistry, your child doesn’t know that. Tell your child that it is exciting that they are visiting the dentist because they will leave with clean teeth. They will eventually start to adopt this attitude, seeing the dentist as a place that will help them.
  3. Book appointments together. By scheduling dentist appointments for your entire family together, you can help your child feel more comfortable going to the dentist. Since they will be arriving with their whole family, and undergoing a similar cleaning routine, they may feel excited that you are all about to share something together.
  4. Turn their visit into a learning experience. Going to the dentist is a great opportunity for your child to learn about dental health and dental care. For example, ask to see a model of a mouth and learn about the different types of teeth together. This will get them interested in their care.
  5. Talk about dental care at home. Once your child leaves their preventative dentistry visit, discuss their care at home and go over how they can keep their teeth looking shiny. They may even want to play “dentist” at home.

Remember, finding quality, natural dentistry that you trust is the most important part of creating a positive oral health experience for your child. Once you search “family dentist near me” and find your options, take the time to visit different offices. This will ensure that your family is in good hands.

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