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The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but there sure is a lot that can be learned from a person’s smile as well. Your smile is one of the main features that best expresses who you are. And most people want to hang on to a healthy smile as long as they possibly can. About 96% of adults surveyed claimed to believe that an attractive smile can make a person more desirable to potential suitors. And a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry stated that over half of the adult population in the United States think that a person’s smile is one physical attribute that continues to remain attractive as we grow older. Whether it is a matter of being attractive or being healthy or anything in between, striving for excellent oral health should be a main priority.

From teeth whitening to 6 month braces
As a general rule of common sense, most people desire a clean bill of health. We want to live long lives and be able to enjoy them. But when it comes to dental health, there is a bit more than just the urge to live long and well. Most people tie in the state of their teeth and gums to their appearance, and there are certainly many people who highly prioritize that, and some who even value it over their health. Whitening your teeth has its benefits, but if you’re deciding between that and dealing with a cavity, it would be wise to wait on the whitening. While many people seem to find braces embarrassing, if you are willing to commit to 6 month braces for the desired outcome of a straighter smile, you may find yourself happier in the long run. But 6 month braces or not, one of the most important factors needs to be how highly you regard yourself, not what others think.

Valuing your health, and your true self
A lot of people will go in for dental cleanings before they’ll go in for full dental checkups and screenings, and often because they are more worried about the cosmetic aspect than the health aspect. Almost three quarters of adults, or about 74%, think that having what society deems to be an unattractive smile can significantly damage their career path or their success. And 18% of individuals admit to hiding their teeth when posing for pictures. These percentages are saddening, and far too high. We should aim for pristine oral health because it is good for us, because we will feel better, not because the constructs of society call on everyone to fit a certain mold to be held in high esteem or worthy of our respect and admiration. It should not matter what anyone’s smile looks like, as long as it is genuine, and expressing what it is meant to express: joy, elation, contentment, gratitude, and a number of other good feelings. Not society’s vanity.

We are beautiful human beings, all of us, and we need to let that shine through in our smiles. Take care of your teeth, visit the dentist, but do it because it is good for you, not because you fear what others will think of your smile.

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