Adult Orthodontics Treatment Options

About 4 million people in the United States wear braces, and about 25% of those patients are classified as adults. Orthodontic services are seeing more and more requests for adult orthodontics. Adult teeth straightening is easier than ever thanks to major advances in orthodontic treatment.

Adult orthodontics have new treatment options that provide adults with the teeth straightening services that they need without having to deal with traditional metal braces. Adults are broken into two categories in orthodontic clinics. Young adults are typically adults under the age of 35, older adults are those over the age of 35. Many adults are not aware that there are new treatment options that can correct their smiles.

Orthodontists are reporting seeing more adult patients now than ever thanks to treatment options like clear aligners that quickly align teeth with a barely-there aesthetic. Braces no longer are impacting appearances for adults.

Watch this video to learn all about orthodontic treatment for adults and how it can help you to reach your smile goals. You are never too old to have a smile you feel proud of. Watch now to learn more.

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