When IV Sedation Would Be Recommended In Dentistry

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Some dental procedures are extremely complicated, and they might require IV sedation, which is why any dental clinic needs to have amazing anesthetists working on their team. Advanced Dental Artistry uploaded a Youtube video called “IV Sedation at Advanced Dental Artistry” to explain the process.

This doesn’t mean that every dental visit requires IV anesthesia, but it’s important to know when it does. Let’s find out more about it.

When Is IV Sedation Dentistry Required?

Intravenous sedation can be used when a patient is too scared of needles or in general. Some people suffer from severe dental anxiety, and this option can help them get through any visit.

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But most of the time, sedation is used for complex procedures such as root canals, implant installations, and extractions.

People that have been sedated will not feel anything and will be comfortable in their chairs. They might be able to react and respond to the doctor’s questions, but they will feel like they’re asleep in most cases.

Therefore, there’s nothing to fear about IV sedation dentistry, although it’s vital to tell your doctor all about your medical history and medications to avoid any problems. Watch the rest of the video for more details!


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