Invisalign And How It Works

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When it comes to having crooked teeth, it’s something most people want to put in their past. Crooked teeth can lead to discomfort while eating, soreness of the mouth, and many embarrassing pictures. Over the years, adult orthondists have become more common as adults are looking for more ways to find braces for adults. This is where we’ve seen the boom in invisalign orthodontists, with more and more people turning to this simple to use teeth straightening method. What makes this method so simple is that you can have your teeth measured from anywhere.

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It starts with a scan of your mouth to see what needs to be straightened exactly. You can actually have a mold kit sent to your home for an accurate replica of your teeth. Once the dentist gets the mold back, they examine the mold to determine the best course of action for your teeth and how often the invisalign should be swapped. The biggest difference with braces is that you have to continuously get a new set of invisialign in order to continue to straighten the teeth.

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