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cosmetic dentistHave you been unhappy with your teeth for sometime? Would you like to have a brighter, straighter smile? Would you like to experience new confidence and improve your overall appearance? There is nothing like a gorgeous smile to boost your self-image and to put your very best face forward. In today’s competitive world, looks matter – and why not have the first thing people notice about you be your great smile?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may be looking for a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry is key for improving your smile – whether you chipped a tooth as a child and have a bonded front tooth to having crooked teeth. This specialized dentistry field has many solutions for creating a perfect smile. When you have your consultation, your dentist will go over the options for your specific condition. Some patients choose to get braces while others decide the best fix for their teeth is to get bright, white veneers. There are many options for creating a great smile – but it all starts with a dentist in this specialized field.

What You Can Expect
Upon your initial visit, you can expect a full consultation with your dentist, who will listen to the problems you see with your teeth. Your dentist then will inspect your teeth and recommend a treatment plan. There are many ways to fix problem areas in your mouth including:

–Whitening your teeth
–Using composite fillings to reshape your problematic teeth. They will be matched to the current shade of your teeth
–Inserting crowns and bridges
–Fitting your teeth for traditional or transparent braces

Treatment plans and the resulting effects will vary based upon the issues your teeth present. However, you can be sure that you will get the smile you want if you follow through with your treatment plan and you have patience. Some fixes can happen nearly immediately — such as in the case of in-office tooth whitening — while other treatments will take time over the course of months — such as with root canals and bridges. The key to getting that perfect smile on your part is to stay with it for the duration of the timeline. You’ll be happier and it will cost you less money in the long run because your dentist will not have to backtrack and charge you for extra services. This is a common problem with patients who have braces. As soon as they get their braces off, they do not wear their retainers. Without enough time for the new tooth alignment to settle, the teeth move into their familiar spots and are crooked again in no time. This comes at a great cost to the patient, who may have to purchase new imprints for retainers and even may have to put braces on again — depending on the extent of the damage. The bottom line is that your dentist will get the results you want if you follow the plan!

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