Find a Good Dentist With These Tips

Keeping up with regular dental visits and professional cleanings is crucial to maintaining your oral health. But what happens if you’ve recently moved or just need a new dentist? How do you find a good one? Let’s go over some ways to do this.

The first “test” to find a good dentist is the bragging test. This is relatively simple, you just need to go on Facebook or ask those you know for recommendations in your area. The issue with this is that people often have low bars for what they consider to be a “good dentist.

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The next method is the Yelp test. Here, you should take the names you got from peers and look them up on Yelp. Look for a dentist with 4.5 stars or higher.

The final method to find reliable dental offices is the care test. Call the office and when speaking with the receptionist, ask them “How long do you schedule for an average adult cleaning?” Next, ask how long the hygienist will spend cleaning your teeth. You want the hygienist to clean your teeth for at least 30 minutes.

When you’re looking for reliable dental offices, remember these tests and tips. They can help you find a dental team that truly cares for you and your oral health.


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