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Dental office websites

According to the dental ADA or American Dental Association, dentistry is a medicine committed to helping people obtain and maintain oral health. But dentistry is more than just routine teeth cleanings, xrays, and the treatment of oral conditions. There are a lot of other careers in the dental offices, too. A career as a dentist can yield a lucrative paycheck and fulfilling career. According to the U.S. Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a dentist was approximately $150,000 in 2010; a dental hygienist was $68,250 that same year, and dental assistants can average close to $35,000 per annum. Also according to the Labor Bureau, the occupational outlook for careers in dentistry including dental office jobs are expected to increase more than average; this is promising news for deciding if a career in dentistry or dental office jobs are right for you.

The American Dental Association also cites that there are 1,300 dental education programs throughout the country, which train students for careers as dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental office manager, and other medical assistants. According to the Department of Labor, these careers also are expected to grow faster than average. Dental school not only offers students glimpses into the world of dentistry, but exposes students to the many options associated with a dental office jobs.

Dental office websites provide directories linking you to a local dentist office in your area, and also give internet users an idea of the types of dental office jobs available. For example, dental office jobs such as dental office receptionists, which typically have short on the job training requirements, provide a pleasant work environment while yielding the earner more than $25,000 per year on average. Often these types of dental office jobs, 30 percent of which are part time opportunities, are listed on dental office websites.

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