When Was the Last Time That You Went to the Dentist?

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When your father told you that he was changing dentists, you thought it was a little odd. He already lives 30 minutes from his current dentist, and the new dentist is now 90 minutes away. The fact that your father is 85-years old makes the dentist changes even more puzzling. When you had a chance to her your father’s further explanation, however, even though his decisions was unusual, it was understandable.
At his age, your father only goes to the dentist once a year. And the fact that the last time your Dad went to the dentist close to his home, the diagnosis of a possible infection and that a root canal was necessary. Your father had never had a root canal before, and the only thing he knows about them is lots of pain. Instead of making a follow up appointment for the root canal, your dad went home and