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5 Things Pediatric Dentists Wish that All Parents Knew

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Tooth decay is a very serious problem. It starts when people are kids and can continue to get worse and worse until a dentist has to refer their patient for false teeth. There are various option; dentures, bridges, veneers, etc. Even so, it is so much better just to be able to keep your original teeth. If you have children then you should begin to teach them about oral hygiene as soon as possible in order to avoid tooth decay as well as other problems. Here are a few things that every pediatric dentist wish their patients’ parents knew.

You should start when they are babies.
You can even start before they have teeth. Wiping the milk from their gums will help to keep their gums healthy. While this is not a huge deal, it’s still helpful. It will also put you in the habit of taking care of your child’s