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Love and Incisors A Look at Oral Health

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The mouth is a complicated network of machinery. Keeping it checked and clean is one of the most important parts of overall clinical health for every age group. Children, of course, have growing mouths that need constant care. Many adults forget that even though their teeth are no longer growing, they’re dental alignment is still subject to shifting and change. Flossing is a must, as is recognizing and dealing with nighttime grinding, a serious detractor to oral health. The American Sleep Association has estimated that 15% of children and 10% of adults grind their teeth while sleeping. It’s a problem that can be hard to detect and affects all age groups. With this idea in mind, it’s worth remembering t

My Little Secret For Boosting My Child’s Self-Confidence

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One of my patients recently asked me about their children’s teeth. One of their kids – as kids will do – had fallen while running and chipped two of her permanent front teeth which had recently come in. My patient had attempted to take her child to her dentist, but the child had become so embarrassed by her teeth and frightened of the dentist’s tools that my patient had to take her screaming child home. “What can I do?” the patient asked me. The answer was simple, but one many parents don’t realize exist: take the child to a dentist for kids.

Yes, that’s right – there is probably at least one specialized dentist for kids in every city in America. Why? Well for one, kids are frightened of going to the dentist office and scary-looking dental technologies. Continue Reading No Comments